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About AdigiPrint Sdn. Bhd.

AdigiPrint Sdn. Bhd., a wholly own subsidiary of ServTouch-Wywy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., (583391-D) has been appointed as Hewlett Packard-Indigo commercial channel partner in Malaysia.

ServTouch-Wywy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., is a leading independent technology solution provider in the areas of Digital Print & Imaging systems and after market support and has 28 years of presence in Malaysia with nationwide sales coverage.

About HP Indigo

Labels and Packaging
Eco Media Guide

Environmentally conscious consumers and tighter legislation are creating a demand for media with clear, proven, environmental certications.
The choice that labels and packaging converters have today in providing substrates with environmental attributes to their customers is growing. No longer limited to recycled media, multiple classications of media are available that enable converters to obtain the right product for their business while keeping the environment in mind.

The following information is intended to outline the certications and classications that can be associated with the environmental attributes of media.

HP Indigo embraces partners that offer certified green media and media treatments for HP Indigo presses. Whether it’s a totally new composite media developed from recycled material or environmentally viable primers, varnishes, or adhesives, HP Indigo continuously seeks to offer solutions for this growing awareness.

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Recycled paper

Paper is the world’s most recycled product. In the US, some 63% of paper products are recycled, and this figure is even higher in parts of Europe. A proportion of the printed paper recovered is recycled back into printing papers, rather than being used for products such as tissue or cardboard. Using paper with recycled content can help to conserve natural resources. US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines recommend that uncoated papers contain 30% recycled content based on Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and that coated papers contain 10% PCW. However, many papers are available with up to 100% recycled content.HP

About HP ElectroInk

What is HP Indigo ElectroInk?

HP Indigo ElectroInk is a unique liquid ink that combines the advantages of electronic printing with the qualities of liquid ink. ElectroInk contains charged pigmented particles in a liquid carrier. Like other digital printing technologies, e.g. Xerography, ElectroInk enables digital printing by electrically controlling the location of the print particles. However, unlike Xerography, ElectroInk enables very small particle size, down to 1-2 microns. By comparison, inkjet technology, while laying a thin layer of ink on the media, suffers from the inherent inaccuracy of the ink jetting.

ElectroInk is supplied as a concentrated paste that is loaded into the press in tubular cartridges in a “clean hands” operation. Inside the press it is automatically fed into ink supply tanks and diluted with oil, to form a fluid mixture of carrier liquid and colourant particles ready for printing.

To summarise, ElectroInk enables high quality, wide and accurate colour gamut, sharp images, and colour with gloss closely matching the media, similar to and at times surpassing conventional offset printing, and exceeding the quality achieved by competing digital printing technologies.

How does HP Indigo ElectroInk deliver high-quality digital printing?
The small particle size in the liquid carrier enables high resolution, uniform gloss, sharp image edges, and very thin image layers that closely follow the surface topography of the paper. This gives a highly uniform finish, complementing the paper and resulting in a similar texture both on the image and on the non-image areas.


What is the longevity of photos printed with HP Indigo ElectroInk?
More than 75% of photobooks worldwide are printed today using ElectroInk on HP Indigo’s high-quality presses. To confirm the longevity of papers printed with ElectroInk, the prints were submitted for testing to an independent print permanence institute, Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR).* The results verify the permanence of HP Indigo prints on display for up to 54 years before any noticeable signs of fading or changes in colour balance, ahead of the top silver halide paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive, and much longer than standard silver halide papers. HP Indigo photobooks received an album/dark storage rating of greater than 200 years, compared with a maximum rating of more than 100 years for silver halide solutions. HP Indigo is the only digital press manufacturer that has published print permanence results from independent, third-party testing.

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